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The Shortest Day Calls for Magnical-D®

With the arrival of Winter Solstice, we’ve reached the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. When the days get shorter, even healthy adults can experience seasonal bone loss. You can help your body with Magnical-D!

Find out why Magnical-D is the perfect blend of bone-supporting vitamins and minerals to help you maintain a strong skeletal system.

Our bodies work hard to keep our vital organs warm during the cold months of winter. Our muscles, however, can quickly lose heat with the redirection of blood. When muscles get cold, they tighten and work harder to support the body, causing joints to stiffen. Stiffened joints mean the skeletal system is under greater stress, which is why many adults can suffer from seasonal bone loss.

The best way to prevent seasonal bone loss and joint issues in the winter is with a calcium supplement. Magnical-D contains the perfect dose of calcium to help support your bones.
Vitamin D3

When the days shrink, so does our natural dose of the “Sunshine Vitamin,” or Vitamin D. The majority of Vitamin D comes from the sun. That is, our body produces it in response to the absorption of UVB rays. In the winter, those rays can come in short supply.

Not only can Vitamin D boost your spirits and improve your mood, but it also promotes bone health. This vitamin is a crucial player in increasing your body’s absorption of calcium. With it, the calcium in Magnical-D is even more effective.
Vitamin K2

Similar to Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 helps your body absorb nutrients and minerals. Without it, calcium can sit in your arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease. In other words, to do its job at protecting your bones, calcium needs Vitamin K2 and D3.

It’s no surprise that calcium is an essential nutrient for your bones, but magnesium is just as vital! Healthy doses of this electrolyte can help increase bone mineral density, reducing the risk of fractures. Just think of how important that will be if you happen to slip on the ice this year!

Just like you bundle up with a warm coat and eat healthily, incorporate Magnical-D into your daily winter regimen. It will keep your bones healthy and help you get through the winter months unscathed.

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