Unleash Award — Brenda Thompson

When she was nine years old and living on her remote family farm in Saskatchewan, Brenda Thompson watched a cartoon in which the character had a lemonade stand and thought, “I can do that.” She didn’t like lemonade, so she made iced tea instead, setting up shop on the road to the farm. Unsurprisingly, her grandpa was her only customer!

When her family moved to British Columbia shortly thereafter, Brenda came to realize that if there was a good idea out there that she liked, other people would probably like it too. She always had some kind of little project business going on in her basement, and years later when she met her husband, she learned from him how to be an entrepreneur that gets things done. He taught her how to be self-directed, how to build a tolerance against disappointment when people said no to her product or service, and how to never let anyone tell her that she couldn’t do something.

Prior to NuCerity, Brenda was with another direct sales company for a brief time. The experience taught her what she wanted, and she began to “interview” direct sales companies, asking for their compensation plan and product ingredient lists. She knew what to look for, and she had high standards. During this time, her friend and neighbor — who didn’t realize Brenda was looking for a new opportunity — introduced her to NuCerity. Skincerity® caught Brenda’s attention right away. For decades, she had been sourcing natural alternatives to many of the personal care products people take for granted, like shampoo and skin care. She was drawn to the short, clean ingredient list in Skincerity, and when she saw her friend’s results, she was hooked!

Brenda emphasizes that she is accountable to the amazing team members who have chosen to believe with her that this is where they will build their dreams together. “Never lose sight of this and you will never be off track,” she says.

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