Transformation Story — Julie Darbon

Julie Darbon was working five days a week as an operating room nurse and striving to create residual income through direct selling, but it wasn’t enough. Every day, her two children had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the nanny’s house, and returned home at night exhausted from a long day and an early morning. She paid her bills, saved every bit of extra, and often went without. There were winters without heat and sometimes little to eat. What Julie really wanted was to be with her children, to give them a peaceful and comfortable life. She sought freedom to reach her vision of success.

Julie at D.RWhen a good friend began building a business with ARIIX, Julie knew it was the right decision to follow. She was expecting her third child and determined to do things differently this time. Julie knew it would take hard work and dedication, but with her children as her focus and her driving force, she knew she could do it.

Julie gave birth at home, and the next morning, she told herself that if she could do that, she could do anything. She set her mind into warrior mode and worked 10 times harder. She made the decision not to return to work after her maternity leave, but to stay home with her children and build a solid, growing, lucrative ARIIX business. For her, the only option was success, and that decision changed everything.

Julie with kidsToday, Julie’s life is transformed. She no longer works in the clinic; instead, she enjoys spending time with her children, spoiling them and trying many new things together. Most of all, Julie works to change her children’s future. She is saving to pay for their education, cars, student accommodations — a debt-free education for them will be her greatest victory.

“I never thought destiny would take me down this road. ARIIX has been a breath of fresh air for my entire family. Thank you, ARIIX, for the opportunity. Thank you to my team for your hard work and trust in me.”ARIIX does not guarantee any level of income or success to any Representative. Earnings from the ARIIX ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan depend on each Representative’s sales, business skills, ability and personal application. Please see the ARIIX Income Disclosure Statement for complete information regarding the earnings of ARIIX Representatives.

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