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Get inspired by Slenderiiz™ Success Stories

Congratulations to all of our Slenderiiz™ Drops-to-Drop Summer Challenge winners! All of the participants worked hard and stayed dedicated to the program — and saw amazing results. Congratulations to everyone who entered! To discover how our contest winners used Slenderiiz on their journeys to health and happiness, read their stories and watch their videos. When Andy Crespin was diagnosed by his doctor as pre-diabetic, he knew he had to make a change. Inspired by other Slenderiiz success stories, he began making dramatic life changes and never looked back. Instead of eating fast food for three meals a day, Andy started making healthier choices and worked out consistently, getting plenty of cardio exercise by using the pool. After losing 85 pounds, Andy no longer craves the unhealthy food that was damaging his health. And thanks to such dramatic weight loss, his cholesterol (which had once topped out in the 500s) is now 180. Andy plans to continue using ARIIX products as part of his healthy lifestyle, and hopes his story will inspire others to make a change for the better too. A self-proclaimed “professional dieter,” Marcelline Moore was inspired to begin her weight loss journey when she first saw her photos from her wedding in March. “The pictures came in and I was shocked at how big I had gotten,” Marcelline said. But thanks to Slenderiiz and the Drops-to-Drop Challenge, she has already lost 42 pounds and is on track to reach her goal weight by the time she goes on her tropical honeymoon in December — a weight that she has been trying to achieve for more than 20 years. Marcelline’s only regret about the Slenderiiz program? She wishes she could have found it sooner and helped her mother achieve better health as well. Valerie St. Jacques made the decision to try the Slenderiiz program when she was faced with a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit. Refusing to buy a new wardrobe in another larger size, Valerie turned to Slenderiiz. “I could not believe how simple it was,” Valerie said of the plan. She made sure to drink plenty of water and stick to the diet plan, which included lots of healthy options that were easy to adapt for her family. Valerie is loving the increased energy and self-confidence she has gained by using Slenderiiz. She’s also happy that she is able to continue as a role model for other women who want to get involved in network marketing – just as her mother did for her. “When I was a little girl, my mother joined a network marketing company, and I remember it influencing her in a very positive way,” Valerie said. “She told me I could do anything I set my mind to, and those words have stuck and helped shape my life ever since.”Like so many others, Abhishek Chowhury spent his early 20s forming bad health habits and not really feeling the repercussions. But with a career change to a less active profession and his 30s right around the corner, Abhishek soon found himself weighing in at 245 pounds with impending health issues. He immediately dropped the bad habits from his youth and began using the Slenderiiz products. Integrating cardio and swimming into his new healthy lifestyle helped Abhishek drop more than 20 pounds in just two months. He is determined to stay on the program and hopes to encourage others to follow in his footsteps.For years Russell Sablad struggled with his weight. He had developed unhealthy eating habits and smoked regularly, in spite of being on several medications for asthma. Motivated by his girlfriend’s results with the Slenderiiz products, Russell also began the program and has seen results — fast! Not only has Russell achieved a dramatic weight transformation, but his cravings for smoking are gone, and he no longer has to rely on his asthma medications. Russell plans to continue eating healthy and working out and hopes his story will inspire others to do the same.Joanne Ward lost both of her parents to heart disease when she was only 30 years old. She decided she needed to make a change in her lifestyle when she realized that she was nearly the same age her mother had been when she passed away — and also wasn’t living up to her healthy potential. The Slenderiiz system seemed so simple that Joanne was initially skeptical. But she liked the idea of the Drops-to-Drop contest, and she immediately began to see results. After losing 21 pounds, Joanne has not only undergone an amazing physical transformation, but she experienced an emotional journey as well. She realizes that her mother could have benefitted from the Slenderiiz program, and she hopes that her story will help other families struggling with weight loss issues.Kaytlin Fletcher had three babies in four years, and couldn’t wait to look and feel like her old self again. The busy mom noticed that her co-workers who were part of the Slenderiiz program were achieving great results from the products, and when the Drops-to-Drop Summer Challenge was announced, she found her motivation to get going. The support of her co-workers kept her going, as did her rapid success. “The weight just started dropping off,” Kaytlin said. She has since begun using other ARIIX products as well as incorporating diet and exercise into her plan.Feeling inspired by our Drops-to-Drop winners? Whatever your reason for beginning,Slenderiiz can help you on your weight loss journey.

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