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The Dr. Ginger and Aaron Decker Gift Guide

Are you wondering what you should get that special someone for the holidays? We asked ARIIX leaders Aaron and Dr. Ginger Decker for their go-to gifts, featuring ARIIX products and more. They provided two fantastic options that are sure to satisfy anyone on your shopping list. Magnical-D®: The bone and muscle support dream team to relax your body and prepare for rest. Take four capsules about an hour before you go to sleep.
Priime™ Calm: Add a few drops to a hot bath for a soothing and relaxing experience.
Epsom Salts: Add a few scoops to your bath along with Calm oil.
Soft Eye Mask: A perfect companion to a restful sleep.
Oil Diffuser: Make the routine complete! Diffuse Calm in your bedroom while you soak with salts and Calm in the bath.
Moa®: 36 superfoods to supercharge your body and mind.
Rejuveniix™: Natural energy without the jitters, to enhance your mood and elevate your mental alertness.
BLU FROG®: A long-lasting energy drink without the crash. The natural blend keeps you laser-focused to help you accomplish your New Year’s goals.
New Sneakers & Cool Socks: Start your New Year fitness routine in style!
Sports Watch: Use a tracking sports watch to time runs and record your workouts. Watching your progress leads to big results!
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