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Dr. Fred Cooper Featured on ABC4 Good Things Utah

Our very own CEO and Founder Dr. Fred Cooper is featured on ABC4 Good Things Utah in a segment titled, “How One Utah Company is Taking Direct Selling to the Next Level.” We invite you to tune in as Fred explains how ARIIX is taking the world by storm with a growing opportunity and incredible products!

Fred explains that network marketing, or social selling, is all about sharing the products you’re passionate about, just as you would share about your favorite restaurant or book. Through our “house of brands” philosophy, we’re proud to offer unique products that people use in their own homes and love to share with their family and friends. We’re all about authenticity!

“Direct sales is basic selling at its purest form, which is simply, do you have something you like that you want to refer somebody to? If done correctly, that’s all it is,” shares Fred.

As one of the top 100 largest direct selling companies worldwide, officially open in 13 countries with products available for sale in 15 additional countries, ARIIX offers the opportunity to transform your life. It’s a viable option that can give your the potential for financial freedom and more time in your schedule to enjoy life the way you choose.

And Fred ends by grossing out his hosts with a little taste of what the Puritii™ Water Filtration System can do! Don’t miss it!

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